4 Tips for Finding Good Light

I don't think I've ever been on a vacation where I didn't see a family being positioned to face the sun for a group picture by Aunt Merna or Uncle Fred, only to see the entire family squinting while saying "CHEESE!"
I want to save you, my friend, from this squinty group picture and give you some great tips on how to find good light. Your Aunt Merna will love you!

1. Finding good light in the middle of the day
In the middle of the day the sun is directly above us which does not give us flattering light for pictures. Instead we get high contrast harsh uneven light like this:
This is me in 2015 btw. Don't judge my facial expressions ;)
During this time of day, the best thing to do is to find a large shaded area to position your subject like the side of a building or under a group of trees. The light will be much more even and soft in the shade like this:
2. Finding light indoors
When indoors, find a window and angle your subject towards the light like this: 
3. Don't put your back to the light
Unless you know how manually set your camera's exposure settings, don't put your subject's back to the light. Your phone or camera's auto settings will likely end up giving you a picture with either your subject as a silhouette or your background blown out and way too bright. Instead go find that shade!
4. Wait for Sunrise or Sunset
About an hour after sunrise and about an hour before sunset are what photographer's refer to as the golden hours. We love it, we chase it, we obsess over it. And for good reason - its the most gorgeous lighting EVER!!! During these times, the sun will be shining on your subject at an angle (from the side not the top like during midday) giving you some pretty dreamy light to work with. 
Now go use your new knowledge and powers for good, amaze everyone with your selfie taking skills, and show off your best lit lunch on insta ;)

The Sweetest Sunflower Family Session

I just cannot get over the sweetness from last week's session at Anderson Sunflower Farm. Allison and Jeff and their adorable littles, Graham and Georgia, were so much fun to photograph! 

New Branding = New Marketing Products

With my new site coming soon, I decided to order some new marketing materials to match the new brand look. AND because I'd heard such great things, I decided to try out a new print/lab company as well. Well, no regrets because I am THRILLED with the way they everything turned out. The paper options are dreamy and the print quality is flawless, thank you Black River Imaging!
These thank you cards are printed on their 80lb Art Paper.
These gift certificates are printed on their 118lb Cotton paper.
These senior marketing cards are printed on their 120lb Eggshell paper.

I can't wait to start putting these products in my client's hands! 

The Potters and their Diesel

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of doing a sweet and very special photo session for some friends and their pup, Diesel. This little guy has been through quite a bit, and is such a fighter! Soon after surgery for a torn ACL, at only 4 years old Diesel was diagnosed with cancer. His mom, dad, and vet are doing everything they can to make this sweet doggie's life a wonderful one, and this session was done in celebration of just that. So here's to Diesel, the sweetest, friendliest, smartest, most gorgeous white boxer around :)