New Branding = New Marketing Products

With my new site coming soon, I decided to order some new marketing materials to match the new brand look. AND because I'd heard such great things, I decided to try out a new print/lab company as well. Well, no regrets because I am THRILLED with the way they everything turned out. The paper options are dreamy and the print quality is flawless, thank you Black River Imaging!
These thank you cards are printed on their 80lb Art Paper.
These gift certificates are printed on their 118lb Cotton paper.
These senior marketing cards are printed on their 120lb Eggshell paper.

I can't wait to start putting these products in my client's hands! 

The Potters and their Diesel

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of doing a sweet and very special photo session for some friends and their pup, Diesel. This little guy has been through quite a bit, and is such a fighter! Soon after surgery for a torn ACL, at only 4 years old Diesel was diagnosed with cancer. His mom, dad, and vet are doing everything they can to make this sweet doggie's life a wonderful one, and this session was done in celebration of just that. So here's to Diesel, the sweetest, friendliest, smartest, most gorgeous white boxer around :)

7 Years of Trulove

7 years. WHAT?! How has 7 years of sushi dates, sarcastic jokes, binge watching superhero shows cuddled on the couch, vacations with friends, Butch Walker concerts, criticizing coffee together, and political kitchen debates already passed by? We've changed over the years and managed to do that changing and growing together. This guy is my happiness and my home.

As you scroll, you will see us crazy young, with crazy hair, sporting questionable styles, in different levels of "health", in different places. Enjoy ;)

Marietta Square July 4, 2007
Marietta Square July 4, 2008

Our wedding day June 13, 2009
Fall 2012
HawaiĘ»i Volcanoes National Park, Summer 2013

Fancy private anniversary dinner Kona Hawaii, Summer 2013

Taken right after closing on our first house, July 2014

September 2014

Santa Rosa Beach, FL - Summer 2015
September 2015
In a wedding party together! Athens, GA - October 2015
Before a black tie holiday party - December 2015
At our friends' wedding - April 2016

I can't wait to see what the next 50 years has in store for us :)

The End of a Dancing Era

When your Aunt asks you to photograph your cousin's last dance recital ever, you say yes because family and love and ballet. There are about a gagillion pictures, but so you're not scrolling for days I am just sharing some from her solo ;)
Alex has been dancing just about her whole life doing just about everything from tap and ballet to jazz and hip hop. She's crazy talented, kinda quirky, and gorgeous! She graduated high school this May (you can see her senior pictures here) and plans to go to the University of Alabama in the Fall.